Expert instructor Roger Conant has educated over 3.300 retrievers in abilities ranging from basic obedience to basic gun dog skills. More about Roger

Landmark offers a basic obedience program that establishes...
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Gun dog training begins with basic obedience as its foundation.
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Ask Roger is a training forum for dog owners of all breeds. By accessing the Ask Roger forum you may post videos and question’s on any training issue. You will also have access to the questions of other amateur trainers. This provides an open platform for all owners to share and progress with their training.

Roger will help you with self-directed training plans and coach you on obedience training and problem solving. Roger is a problem solver of all categories including but not limited to, individual problems such as housebreaking counter surfing, jumping and digging.

Snake Avoidance Training Available: Saturday March 18th, 2017 - Live rattle snakes used. Snake avoidance training performed by professional outfitter Mickey Bush of Brownwood Boarding Available during Spring Break. Let us know if you want us to do SNAKE AVOIDANCE TRAINING for your dog during their stay. Call now for an appointment: (972) 878-2600 Read More

Secure access to Roger's complete video library. The library includes demonstrations and explanations of Roger's training techniques to address a subscriber concern and/or instruction on an individual command or action a dog is requested to do.
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Custom built kennel facilities feature 54 indoor/outdoor runs. Buildings are fully enclosed with central heat, ceiling fans, and country windows for all weather comfort. Situated on 90 acres, Landmark features 3 tanks... Read More