Purchased at a Duckís Unlimited Auction, Peg was given to Roger by a close friend. David J. Sams photographed Peg, nestled in Rogerís coat, on a cold and wet winter day. That image became the most published photo in retriever sporting history and is featured in magazines, on posters and retail gift products.

Photos: (far left) Peg featured on Ducks Unlimited, (left) Peg featured in print collections along with other Landmark Retrievers dogs

Roger and Landmark Retrievers are featured in D Magazine's "Dallas Pet Lovers Guide" as one of the premier training facilities in the Dallas area

Roger and the dogs of Landmark Retrievers have been featured in some of the country's most prestigous sporting publications. From covers to inside layouts, Roger and his dogs have been seen in Ducks Unlimited, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Wildfowl and many more.