Expert instructor Roger Conant has educated over 3,300 retrievers in abilities ranging from basic obedience to basic gun dog skills.

Landmark offers a basic obedience program that establishes the fundamentals of Here, Heel, and Sit. The program averages six to eight weeks of leash training and provides the dog owner with the tools required to manage a young retriever through adolescence and beyond. Upon completion, graduates readily respond to the commands of Here, Heel, Sit, and Down, on and off leash.

Gun dog training begins with basic obedience as its foundation. During the basic obedience phase, the retriever's natural skill, ability and intelligence are carefully evaluated in order to customize a gun dog program that maximizes the retriever's success. While the fundamentals of force breaking and water work are standardized, the techniques used are suited to the dog's personality and temperament. Training through the eyes of the retriever is the philosophy of Landmark each dog is treated as an individual.

Do you wish Roger could see what your pet is doing since leaving training? Do you wish you could enlist Roger's aid as a coach to compliment your training efforts? Ask Roger gives you access to one on one discussions and video review. Ask Roger allows you the flexibility to address one problem or incorporate an entire training program into your daily routine.

Video Review provides one on one correspondence with Roger to identify and solve individual problems you may be experiencing with your pet. You video a demonstration of the problem you may be having with your pet and submit it to Roger. He will review the video submission and return a suggestion or video example of the solution to you.

Do you have ten minutes a day to apply for several weeks to devote to training? Roger will act as your coach during a six week obedience online training program. He will help you plan, organize and control a step by step, day to day, month to month training schedule to assure your satisfaction with your training efforts. You will get to enjoy the learning experience and your puppy much more as you develop that team bond quickly. Roger will work with you via the Video Review to provide feedback to ensure a successful training outcome. Call Roger for pricing and details.


Secure access to Roger's complete video library. The library includes demonstrations explanations of Roger's training techniques to address a subscriber concern and/or instruction on an individual command or action a dog is requested to do. The library assists you with planning organizing and controlling your training. Topics include here, heel, sit along with house breaking, counter surfing, jumping, and other common problems owners experience with their pets.