Grooming Services



Make sure your dog is fresh and clean after swimming and playing with there friends. If your dog needs a allergy or hypo bath please specify. Nails and ears included in bath. I use only quality shampoos and conditioners. 



I have groomed well over 200 dogs in the past 1.5 years being in business. I groom a lot of doodles as well as a giant schnauzer, to name a few. I can do very basic cuts to breed specific cuts. I will not cut a double coated dog like a lab or golden that has never been groomed before. 

See De sheds for more info. 

De Shedding


This is a preferred service for labs and goldens as well as any breed that sheds a lot. Shaving your dog can damages the "guard" hairs on double coated dogs. Sometimes the hair does not grow back. This 2 step shampooing system reduces shedding by 90%. It is a lot healthy for the coat.